I. Copywriting @ Sideways

I've had the pleasure of creating copy for the NYC-based agency, Sideways. They specialize in marketing and branding for several luxury and boutique hotel identities. As their copywriting freelancer, I wrote benefits-driven copy to excite readers into taking action.

My copywriting on three email newsletters for one of their clients below.

II. Copywriting & Strategy @ Gwynnie Bee >>


Spring Specials Unlocked

loyalty program email newsletter


Brunch, Burgers and Brews

brand blast newsletter


World's Best Hotels & All-Star Chefs

brand blast newsletter

II. Copywriting & Strategy @ Gwynnie Bee

I worked with Gwynnie Bee from the ground up, as their founding copywriter. 

Initially, my task was to form their brand and translate their concept of fashion rental subscription for plus sizes to the public. I produced taxonomy, wrote copy for the website (how the service works, FAQs, landing pages, etc.) and for e-commerce (product naming, description, romance copy), and marketing emails. I also established style guides, trained new creative team associates, and contributed to a weekly blog series.

Eventually, I came to spearhead their advertising program. I presented strategy briefs to stakeholders each quarter. Each week I produced digital ad campaigns from concept through execution. Through a successful partnership with graphic designers, software engineers, and data science teams, I delivered impactful results. My work directly contributed to a hundredfold increase in membership in two years.

Email samples below.

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